Sea Dreams

An Art Exhibition by Visual Artist Tish Holland

Ocean Surf -  Oil on Wood - 24" x 48"

World Fisheries Day, November 21
World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers
Reading Room
 House of Commons, Ottawa

Celebrating International Year of the Ocean
A Day of Solidarity and Reflection on the Future
of the Fishery and Fishing Communities



 Sea Dreams Offers a view of marine life from a memorable perspective delving beneath
 the surface of our usual perfection.  These sea creatures are a vital part of our
planet's  future and their " marine life" is the ancestral cradle of all life.

Cold Atlantic Ocean
Acrylic Drawing on Paper
24" x 20"

"International Year of the Ocean focuses our attention on the need to sustain marine resources
and to ensure a healthy ocean. 
The oceans produce about half the oxygen we breathe
and have always played a fundamental role in our lives, wherever we live."
International Year of the Ocean Secretariat

Humpback Tail 
Watercolor on Paper  15" x 21"
Fish Fantasy - Serigraph 22" x 30"      

Assistance Provided by:
Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
International Year of the Ocean Secretariat, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Air Canada Cargo
Cultural Industries Development Initiative
Ocean Science Centre and Whale Research Group

These works are in private and public collections across Canada and the USA and are no longer available.
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