Ancestral Shore
Where a Coastal Community meets the Underwater World  

Written by--  Parks Canada/Parcs Canada

Tish Holland at the Salt Fish Factory, 
 The Ryan Premises
National Historic Site, Bonavista

Inspired by her own memories and her father's stories about life growing up in Bonavista Bay, accomplished printmaker and painter Tish Holland travelled back to the area, keeping a journal and sketchbook of her experiences.
Visions of Fish
Oil on Wood - 48" x 29"
Bonavista Coast - Bow and Arrow
Watercolor Pencil on Paper 26" x 40"

A series of images of the ocean and the people who fish it, stretching from the beginning
of the east coast fishery, centuries ago, to the present day.
Spillers High Rock
 Oil on Canvas - 30" x 54"

"This body of work is a personal journey back to the home of my ancestors, communities I explored as a youth,
and places re-experienced as an adult." says Holland. Her show - a chronological exploration
of life  on the Atlantic Coast - begins with Bonavista Coast and ends
with Marine World, a contemplation of the ancestral home of all life."

Cod and Starfish
 Oil on Canvas - 30" x 24"


Kings Cove
 Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36"
Bonavista has a strong fishing heritage, making it the perfect place to experience our interrelationship
with the sea.  Focusing on the Newfoundland Fishery, the exhibition " Ancestral Shore" highlights
some of the essential elements of life on the North Atlantic Coast.
Weighing Salt Fish
Colored Pencil on Paper - 30" x 27"
     Lets All Pull Together
 Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

These artworks represent the many sides of the complex relationship between humans and the sea. 
 They address the importance of our understanding of " the big picture",
the oceans complex web of life, and humanity's dependence upon it.
" Tish Holland"

~ Where Land and Sea Collide ~
Artist Draws Upon her Childhood in New Exhibit
 about Life by The Sea
                                     "The Evening Telegram"

Marine World
 Oil on Wood - 48" x 36"

Assistance for Exhibition Provided By:
Canadian Heritage / Parks Canada
Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council

These works are in private and public collections across Canada and the USA and are no longer available.

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